Privacy policy

Privacy Commitment

C.P. BOURG SA, Rue des Technologies 22, 1340 OTTIGNIES Belgique (hereinafter referred to as “C.P. BOURG”) has developed the website (“the Website”) on which you will find all useful information about C.P. BOURG SA, its products and services. C.P. BOURG recognizes the importance of the protection of personal data and is therefore committed to respecting your privacy and processing your data with the utmost care and confidentiality.
Such data will only be used for the purposes indicated in this Commitment and processed in accordance with the latter and applicable laws.

Why does C.P. BOURG process your data?

•    When you complete a feedback form your personal data is processed so as to enable us to reply to your comments or questions
•    When you submit a request for product information your data is used so that we can handle your request and for statistical purposes to determine which product information was requested
•    When you apply for a job with C.P. BOURG, your data is processed to determine whether your profile is suitable for a vacancy in our company
•    When you place an order for a product or a technical intervention, we process your data so as to be able to contact you and ensure the follow-up of your file.

What confidential data does C.P. BOURG process?

•    If you submit a feedback form or a product information request form, CP BOURG processes the necessary information (i.e. your name, address, country, phone number, e-mail address and other data) to be able to contact you and to study the content of your request or your comments.
•    The information used to log on our Website is also stored for security reasons and to enable us to monitor and to assess the use that is made of our Website. This information is stored in such a way that it cannot be traced to an individual person.
•    If you wish to contact a seller or a distributor directly via a hyperlinked e-mail address provided on the Website, the information you provide is transmitted directly to the said company and a copy of the request is sent to the Website’s webmaster to ensure your request is being handled properly.

Who can access your data?

Only C.P. BOURG has access to the data collected through the Website.
The Website’s webmaster transfers the feedback and information requests to the person or department in charge for processing within the company C.P. BOURG. If no particular person is concerned by your request, the webmaster may transfer your request to an authorized distributor for BOURG products
The information provided when you apply for a position is never disclosed to anyone outside C.P. BOURG.

Does C.P. BOURG transfer your data to third parties?

Except as stated above, your personal data is not submitted, disclosed or transferred to anyone outside C.P. BOURG. The Website contains links to other websites and email addresses of organizations outside C.P. BOURG. The present Privacy Commitment does not apply to any such websites and email addresses.

Does C.P. BOURG use your data for Direct Marketing purposes?

Unless you explicitly agree, C.P. BOURG does not use your personal data to send you unsolicited mail, commercial offers or advertisements nor does C.P. BOURG disclose your data to third parties or market them.

Does C.P. BOURG use cookies on the Website?

The Website uses cookies. These cookies are used to identify you and to better serve you. Cookies allow us to track and analyze how our Website is being used. You can refuse cookies but if you do so, the Website, or parts of the Website, may not function properly anymore.

Where does C.P. BOURG store your data?

C.P. BOURG stores data on servers located in Ottignies, Belgium and Roubaix, France. These servers are owned and managed by a processing agency which committed itself towards CP BOURG to respect the applicable privacy laws.

Can C.P. BOURG insure that your data is safe ?

C.P. BOURG has taken all necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your data against unauthorised access or processing.

What are your rights with regards to the data?

You do not have to provide C.P. BOURG with the requested data but if you refuse that your data be collected, unfortunately C.P. BOURG may not be able to process or accept your request. You have the right to ask C.P. BOURG to inform you if your personal data has been processed and if so, to inform you which data was used. You may also request C.P. BOURG to correct, complete, block or delete any data that appears to be totally or partially inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate with regards to the purpose of the processing. You may object to your data being processed or to the processing of data. C.P. BOURG will undertake to comply with such requests in in due course.
You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data at any time. In case you wish to do so and, thus, wish to put an end to the processing of your personal data by C.P. BOURG, please send us a letter or e-mail.

Who can you contact?

Any request can be addressed to: or to the following address: C.P. BOURG SA, Rue des Technologies 22, 1340 OTTIGNIES Belgique
Any data processing carried out by C.P. BOURG is in compliance with the applicable European privacy laws.
To ensure such compliance, C.P. BOURG may revise this Privacy Commitment from time to time.
By accepting the present Privacy Commitment, you agree to your data being processed by C.P. BOURG as described herein.