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We looked at the competitors and saw that the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress with the BSF would give us the most versatility to produce in-line and near-line on the same device, which no other solution could do. And then, when we did the ROI calculation on this piece of equipment, it came out just over a year, so it was a very quick and easy decision.

We can now print on the HP Indigo 7800 and feed to the press feeder while simultaneously running a totally different job on the Bourg. Or we can run the HP and in-line finish the books that are coming off that.

We are very satisfied with this solution and I would recommend it to other printers. Our throughput increased exponentially.

Daniel Murphy, Senior Vice President-Director of Manufacturing

Lake Country Press

Illinois, United States

We were interested in finding out how other printers were equipped. And we found that they often had your machines and were pleased with them. You had a good reputation. Everything looked right. We decided to replace our print finishing equipment, placing our trust in C.P. Bourg.

Hervé Veinguertener, Production Manager



We were very impressed when we visited your factory in Belgium. We had heard good things about your booklet-making solution. Since then, we’ve bought a perfect binder, a collator, etc.

Philippe Carreau, Managing Director - Founder



The Bourg equipment we installed in the 1980s and ’90s was running at the same level of quality and efficiency as when I first bought it. In 24 years they’ve never let me down. Even though they’ve been around the longest, C.P. Bourg is a great company with great products and they’re not satisfied maintaining the status quo – they’re always improving and innovating.

Dave Allan, owner of Allan Graphics

Allan Graphics


Printing used to be a craftsman’s job. But these days, you just don’t have time to train people. Everything has to be technology driven or it isn’t useful. Having a C.P. Bourg automated bindery and being able to do landscape books is giving us more control over managing our process and faster turnaround. With it, we can deliver more and more interesting work on time.

Raj Nadrajan, Director of the In-plant print & finishing department

University of Vancouver


C.P. Bourg had the solution I was looking for. Their reputation and their status as a Xerox Business Innovation Partner made choosing them all the sweeter for me. Both C.P. Bourg and Xerox have been valuable partners in making our range of services possible.

Jeffrey Taranto, Manager

Highmark In-Plant printing services

Pennsylvania, United States

The Bourg equipment is so easy to use, one person can operate it with a little training, and the books produced are very high quality

Holger Kasper, Director of logistics

Santa Ana Unified School District

California, United States

I’ve been familiar with C.P. Bourg forever. C.P. Bourg has the reputation for having the best finishing products to work online with Xerox presses.

Stephen Palmese, Manager

Virginia Correctional Enterprises

Virginia, United States

I'm sure there will be times when we'll need more expertise, but the C.P. Bourg certified training made it possible for us immediately to address some key issues, and it allows us to keep the equipment running like a gem.

Justin Erskine, Director of Production and Fulfillment Services

ZenPrint - Internet book publisher Heritage Makers

Utah, United States

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