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January 18, 2021

Rossimedia continues to expand with C.P. Bourg Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

A fully automated C.P. Bourg BB3102 PUR / EVA perfect binder is used for book production with a Challenge three-side trimmer CMT-330TC.

The company attaches great importance to extensive automation: “We deliver almost exclusively to retail and business customers, also as contract service providers, and are increasingly reaching industrial volumes. That is why we design our further processing very generously, even if it appears to be oversized at first glance. But we can only do our jobs with this spare capacity,” says Roß, referring to the flexibility required for batch sizes and delivery times.

Already now, almost everything is automatic at Rossimedia: self-programmed software creates job tickets that bring together all the necessary files and, with fully scalable capacity, also enables the printing of individual products. Some of the Rossimedia customers transmit their data directly to production.

The new perfect binder fit perfectly into this environment. It can produce PUR and EVA perfect-bound books and, due to its high productivity and flexibility, is the benchmark in the class of one-hand perfect binders as well as for on-demand bookbinding. It processes book blocks from 60 x 90 mm to 320 x 385 mm at a production speed of up to 600 cycles per hour. The C.P. Bourg BB3102 has JDF automation and barcode control capabilities. Even more: "The BB3102 is the only perfect binder with bar creasing and an autoloader," says Markus Roß with satisfaction. "With our constantly changing formats, it offers the greatest possible flexibility."

Source: FKS, Grafische Palette - 2020-10


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