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December 20, 2016
United States

Daily Printing cuts production time and gains business opportunities Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

Veteran commercial printer with a fast-growing digital business

At Daily Printing, what’s good for customers is good not just for business, but also for its employees. Since the 65-year-old Minnesota-based company is employee-owned, every decision has to make sense on all three levels.

Daily Printing’s decision to expand from traditional commercial sheet printing services into digital is an excellent example of how that works. Since 2007, the company has built a technology platform that includes web-to-print, short-run, variable printing and other digital printing-based services, along with portals and digital delivery. This broad digital offering has proved good for customers because it enables new solutions for their needs; good for business because it is fueling new business opportunities; and good for employees because they get to work with advanced equipment that they actually enjoy using.

Stitching that was out of synch with digital orders

Over the past few years, as Daily Printing’s digital capabilities have gained momentum, the amount of short-run work has increased, particularly catalogs and books, which come in as both traditional orders and web-to-print. The company’s Xerox® iGen® 150 Press has the ability to print jobs in small quantities. But, scoring, folding and stitching had to be done in the bindery, creating many inefficiencies.

CEO Peter Jacobson recalls: “We could be running 40,000 96-page catalogs on our stitcher and we’d need to stitch 15, 20, or 100 digital books. Oftentimes, it would take us several days before we could get the short-run digital books on the stitcher. Or, we would have to break in on a larger run which was making it very inefficient and time-consuming for us to be reactive to our digital customers.”

Xerox® iGen® 150 in-line with a Bourg finishing solution – BCM-e + BM-e + SQE

A visit to Xerox’s Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation in Webster, NY, was all Daily Printing needed to find the right solution – a new Xerox® iGen® 150 in-line with a Bourg Bleed Crease Module (BCM-e), Booklet Maker (BM-e), and Square Edge (SQE) – with the Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution.

Although Xerox presented several finishing options, the integrated Xerox-Bourg solution easily blew away the other contenders. Jacobson cites “the quality of construction, uptime, and ease of use for the operator” as the key reasons the Bourg solution won out.

Bill Ehrlich, Graphic Communication Sales Executive at Xerox, comments: “Daily Printing is all about very high-quality print, with a very high standard of production. When they look at a booklet, it’s very important that the trim and staples are correct, that everything is high-end. They saw that the Bourg equipment is able to produce the very high standard they demand.”

Shorter production time, flatter-laying books, and growth opportunities

Since being installed in July 2015, the integrated digital press and finishing line has significantly boosted efficiency across the Daily Printing production workflow, saving a minimum of one day in process time, as well as reducing production time by 3-4 hours after machine setup.

“Setup often took much longer than it did to actually run the books. But now everything is set up and we’re able to stitch in-line and come out with a finished product, all from one workflow. The sheets come off the iGen 150 at rate of speed; the books are completed, collated, stitched and ready to go. We’re able to literally box off of the iGen 150!

The SQE module proves its value every day for Daily Printing, particularly with heavier stocks and booklets with higher numbers of pages. “The Square Edge is a great option,” says Thomas Moe, Daily Printing’s President. “We get a finished product that lays flatter than a traditional saddle-stitch book. It’s actually become our default; we pretty much square-edge everything.”

The new solution has also opened up opportunities for new services. “Because we can keep everything together, collate and stitch it in-line, we can include variable data and customer data throughout the book,” says Jacobson. “Now, we can utilize the Bourg equipment to be more effective and efficient when we do multi-page, stitched variable booklets or catalogs. We could do it before, but we weren’t very efficient at it and I didn’t like the risk of getting the wrong cover or the wrong information into the book.”

The impact is felt at both the operational and business levels. “It gives us an opportunity to grow because now we can offer personalized books and catalogs as service without any of the issues that used to limit us.”

Daily Printing has boosted its digital capabilities without adding staff, making the decision to add the new Xerox press and Bourg finishing equipment all the sweeter. Moe explains: “All our digital operators are trained to run both the iGen 150 and the Bourg booklet maker with BCM-e, BM-e and SQE, but it only takes one operator at a time to run the whole thing. And, I’m happy to say, they like it. They find it easy to use, very dependable.”

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