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September 20, 2016

Ecological, philanthropic, and economical Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

Copiver, created in 2008, is a company which combines the very latest in digital printing with the employment of disabled workers. Copiver has “Adapted Enterprise” status. So yes - it is possible to have high technology machines, and be competitive and highly reactive in this context.

The secret, according to the management, is to have small but highly structured teams and, above all, to provide training throughout the entire company. 

What lies behind this choice?

Philippe Carreau, the company’s founding director, says, “I’ve been working in this sector for more than 25 years. It has the reputation of being slow and not having the resources needed to handle complex problems. So I wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to be super reactive and at the same time meet tough requirements with the unfailing support of a production organisation which is very cooperative, and uses cutting-edge technologies, and where programming and customised settings mean that the work is increasingly accessible to staff with lower skills levels. Add to this strong partnerships with the manufacturers for support, and training, management and motivation do the rest.”

The list of equipment does in fact show that Copiver is equipped to a very high standard: 4 digital presses including one Konica Minolta 1100 and one MGI 8700 XL + and C.P. Bourg finishing equipment for booklet-making and perfect book binding of the very latest generation. Alongside all this, the company has other equipment sold exclusively by C.P. Bourg France, including the D&K Europa laminator and Scheinder S-Line 115H trimmer.

What is the significance of “ver” as part of your name? *

* “vert” in French means “green”.

We wanted to offer ecological printing, but with competitive prices. Our solutions are economical and use a very wide range of papers originating from sustainably managed forests. We hold “Imprim-Vert” certification, have applied for PEFC certification, and are committed to our paper source with our programme to set up ecological schools in Madagascar. This is a highly effective way for us, as large consumers of paper, to join in the fight against deforestation.

Working comfort and speed 

The advantages of the (BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE) C. P. Bourg booklet-making solution for Copiver:

Mr. Hervé Veinguertener, Production Manager: “We wanted to increase our capacity. We had small machines from competing manufacturers In-Line and Off-Line. The volumes, settings, and capacities did not provide the required production speeds. The C.P. Bourg booklet-making equipment allows us to speed up our post-printing production. We've gained in speed (higher production capacity) and quality. The C.P. Bourg machines are really intuitive and easy to manage.”

“We’ve also gained in productivity: we load the stacks of paper from the carts into the BSF sheet feeder. There’s no more manual work involved in producing brochures now. Everything’s automatic - it’s a great advantage. It means that we’ve doubled and nearly tripled our daily capacity. And this in turn means that our staff can work comfortably at a speed that wasn’t possible with the old equipment.”

What kind of customers do you have at Copiver?   

Mostly “big companies” with high print run requirements. To meet demand of this kind, you have to address three objectives:

  • Centralising production within Copiver,
  • Making the most of the work done by our operators, and
  • Avoiding blanket offset printing sub-contracts.

These 3 objectives have been achieved thanks to C.P. Bourg booklet-making. All digitally-printed short runs are handled in house. For long runs, the Copiver team deals with the pre-press in house. Offset printing is done externally and collected. All the finishing is then dealt with internally. 

Mr. Hervé Veinguertener: “This guarantees that more work is done in house and all the files are managed upstream. So we ourselves deliver to the clients, which enables us to check the quality of the work done, and to make sure the clients are pleased with the result. In other words, the whole production process is controlled from start to finish. Our input is important, even with an offset job.” However, we should make it clear that this accounts for no more than 8% of our turnover; in fact the figure is falling year after year and soon everything will be digital.

This was the reasons for buying a Bourg (BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE) booklet-making solution:

  • Having highly professional equipment which cuts all 3 sides.
  • Being able to handle medium to high production runs so that the finishing can be done in house and the whole process is fully controlled. Mr. Veinguertener: “Our old booklet-maker from a competing manufacturer could only handle 3,000 or at most 5,000 booklets an hour. It was really holding back production. With the C.P. Bourg booklet-maker, we’ve taken a big step forward.”
  • A machine that adapts to our production flow: “This booklet-maker allows us to handle both digital and offset work, and even both together. This is why we also acquired collators. It means that we can produce the covers digitally with the inside done in offset. Result - a fine, square-edged booklet. This booklet-making solution gives us all the flexibility we need for our production method. We are delighted with it!” Mr. Veinguertener adds, “Because the Bourg Sheet Feeder is so easy to load, our production capacity has been almost tripled.” 

New services offered, thanks to the BB3002 EVA/PUR-C binder:

Copiver used to have a small manual adhesive binding machine from a competing manufacturer. Mr. Veinguertener: “We decided to replace this machine, placing our trust in C.P. Bourg perfect binder. We wanted to have a single, reliable supplier for all the finishing machines. We compared various offers, and C.P. Bourg came out top.”

What else tipped the scales?  

“We were interested in finding out how other printers were equipped. And we found that they often had your machines and were pleased with them. You had a good reputation. Everything looked right.”    

Philippe Carreau, Managing Director - Founder: “In addition, we were very impressed when we visited your factory in Belgium. We had heard good things about your booklet-making solution. Since then, we’ve bought a perfect binder, a collator, etc.” 


  • Everything’s done in the workshop, with total control over production and delivery times.
  • Books in small and medium runs in a range of formats.
  • Acquiring new markets and new clients: thanks to the BB3002 PUR-C, Copiver can now meet demand for adhesive bindings for publishing houses. This means producing medium runs (2,000 to 5,000 books per client) and offering a full service (books, booklets, and laminated business cards). Philippe Carreau, Managing Director - Founder, continues, “Now we can offer our services to clients working in the fashion or luxury sectors.”

BB3002 PUR-C also provides the flexibility to use EVA:

C.P. Bourg is alone in offering a fully integrated PUR hot melt solution with Nordson. This means there’s no health risk for the operators. 

Hervé Veinguertener adds a proviso with regard to the PUR: When the hot melt system isn’t being used intensively, it's more economical to make books using EVA. It's practical to be able to move from PUR to EVA according to need. In both cases, if we're using the machine the next day, we drain it the night before; it only takes 5 minutes to add a sealing lubricant to prevent it from drying. 

Philippe Carreau, Managing Director - Founder, concludes: “I consider C.P. Bourg France to be a professional company which provides efficient, high quality products. We have a good relationship with the team. They provide a very good after sales service, which is important for us.” 

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