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January 5, 2016

Cogetefi - One operator instead of three and satisfied customers! Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

Cogetefi is a 100% digital graphics arts service provider. Two main lines characterise the company: VARIABLE printing, like salary slips, surveys for inhabitants or companies, invoicing, statements for pension funds, FIXED printing like books, technical notices.

In total, Cogetefi prints more than 20 million A4 pages (monochrome and full colour) per month from cut sheet and continuous roll paper.

Synonymous with quality, speed and power of execution

General Manager of Cogetefi, Mr Pierre Perroy, says: «We do fixed and variable, continuous or sheet fed printing, then we bind. We do not outsource binding. The advantage is that we meet the very short deadlines imposed by our customers. We often receive files overnight for a next-day delivery. For example, the Senate and the National Assembly for whom we print reports on daily basis».


That is the reason why Cogetefi works 3 x 8h shifts and why the company purchased several identical machines, including three BB3002 EVA single clamp binders. «We now have both great reactivity (due to equipment performance) and great production flexibility. Everything is coupled. In addition, our 100% digital equipment insures personalisation: an important added value on the printed document, » adds Mr Pierre Perroy.

Commercial Director of C.P. Bourg France, Mr Jean-Luc Campas, convinced Mr Pierre Perroy to buy a book loader BBL at the end of 2014. The BBL placed in front of the perfect binder BB3002 forms the BB3102. «And he did well, » explains Mr Pierre Perroy who finalised the purchase of the machine after seeing it working during several exhibitions and at a customer’s site in Lille.

Productivity gain and simplification of production flow


We acquired a BBL for small quantities and especially to produce books with one or several flaps. Before, we had an operator that pasted, a second that received and closed the flaps and a third that loaded them into a three-knife trimmer. Today, with the BBL, only one operator fills the loading area of this machine. Whilst the BB3102 automatically binds the flapped books, the operator can perform other operations. The operator needs no certification regarding this machine and has free time at any given moment. Therefore, today, one operator replaces three. We gain time and volumes in labour costs thanks to the automation given by the BBL. The BBL fully meets our expectations. We highly recommend it, » explains Mr Pierre Perroy.


No downtime

«The set-up is extremely fast on the binder BB3002. It makes high quality perfect bound books. The BBL enables us to gain in execution speed and, for example, to produce flapped books with 52g recycled paper,” explains Mr Pierre Perroy.


Mr Adama, one of the operators, adds: «The BBL with the binder is extremely easy to use. It is easy to set up and above all the adjustments do not alter, an essential quality for automation.»

The BBL is an investment which is largely profitable thanks to its automation. In addition, if the operator takes a coffee/cigarette break, the 4 clamp perfect binder is stopped for 5 to 10 minutes. With the BBL connected to the single-clamp BB3002, we work continuously. Overall in daily volume, we are winner.»

What does the implementation of this organisation at Cogetefi’s mean: meet the deadlines and offer competitive prices for quality books. For book orders to be produced within 24h, Cogetefi gains time in terms of labour: one night shift operator instead of three and the customers are satisfied.


Mr Pierre Perroy ends the interview in saying: «C.P. Bourg France Commercial Team is professional and has good products. They offer the right solution corresponding to the customer’s requirements. For instance, the BBL was necessary for our production. I highly recommend it to printers who produce flapped books. It’s a must have! The after-sales service is very professional, both regarding the response times and the quality of the service. »

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