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October 15, 2015

AB Printed reduces wastes and production time by half Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

Founded in 1989, AB Printed, also known as Super Repro, is a print shop located in the district of «la Défense» in Paris. Their speciality is to print high-volume within very tight deadlines.

Production doubled with the booklet-making solution BSF + BM-e

Vincent Garnier, Production Manager: «With the traditional offset gathering lines, we could only do one print at a time. We had to wait for the end of the printing before collating. With the C.P. Bourg BSF In-Line with the C.P. Bourg BM-e, we produce on demand. The job is digitally printed, saddle-stitched, trimmed and packed. We have no loss of time.»

Before, the company AB Printed printed on average five hours, followed by three to four hours of finishing. Now, with the BSF Near-Line, they print and finish at the same time. The deadlines have been reduced by half. «Therefore, we doubled our production capacity. It’s awesome!» insists Vincent.

A combination of advantages

The BSF combines the advantages of both Off-Line and In-Line: AB Printed can juggle with different printers for one or several jobs at doubled execution speeds. As all the printers are calibrated on the same colorimetry, the operator can, for example, start a job on all his printers, insert a cart of printed sheets in the BSF (without separating stacks) as required while printing, and complete finishing In-Line with the printer.

«As collating and edge trimming are always identical, there is no difference between the first and the last brochure, no matter on which printer it has been printed. It is flexible with remarkable production increase,» highlights Vincent. «As the alignment is extremely fast and accurate, the BM-e allows making 3-4 copies, as well as 10-12 000 or 20 000 copies of 1, 4 or up to 30 sheets».

couverture noir et or«Another advantage is that the BM-e makes no scratching and no mark. When a famous cosmetics maker asks you to make a short-run of laminated brochures on a black gold paper, which costs a fortune per unit, you simply have no room for error,» adds Vincent.

 A gluing of unprecedented quality

Past operations involved: creasing covers and then put them in the binder. Raymonf Lainé, operator: «Today, with the new functionalities of the BB3002, everything is done automatically. The alignment does not move. You can take the first or the 500th, 1000th or 5000th copy, the creasing position is identical. You never have surprise. The other brands offering single-clamp binders do not offer such precision. We have a Rolls Royce! »

In addition to this, we have to add «the quality of gluing and the simplified touch screen that make its use simpler and faster». 25 years in the profession, Raymond Lainé has seen a lot of binders. According to him, the binder BB3002 «works exceptionally well». He adds: «I'm happy with it. Perfect !»

A range which meets three new demands

Thanks to C.P. Bourg machines, AB Printed met three new demands:

  • The first one, with the booklet making solution BSF and BM-e, is the ability to produce of small newspapers in 30 minutes. «It was impossible before. Our courier could not leave at eight o’clock when we received the files at 7:30 a.m. Nowadays, we fill the motorbike trunk as we required. It is very quick.»
  • The second one is the ability to produce car maintenance log books, which are 42 cm (16.53 in) long but only 10, 5 cm (4.13 in) high. The machine used: the BM-e in manual mode. «It is the only booklet making module on the market which does that. Even in manual mode, the log books are quickly saddle-stitched. It gives us an advantage over the competition.»
  • The third one: Thanks to the binder BB3002, AB Printed also makes prescription books. «We meet the demand with a quality perfect binding,» mentions Vincent.

C.P. Bourg France: immediate hot-line availability

«We have a special relationship with C.P. Bourg France. From a commercial point of view, they are very responsive and reliable. There is always a technician at the other end of the line to help us. And when they say they will send us someone the next day, they mean it.»

«We commit to our customers: we have to respect our deadlines. Thanks to C.P. Bourg technical service, it is possible,» ends Vincent Garnier, Production Manager at AB Printed.

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