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We have a modular approach: start with a binder Off-Line and add as many modules and options as you need to create the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Automatic job set-up and full integrity check, production of 4 jobs at the same time, non-stop production and In-Line book trimming are example of upgrades you can go for.

You may start working Off-Line and later change your mind and work In-Line with a printer/press. Bourg binders offer you an unparalleled level of choices and flexibility!

What is particularly amazing about these Off-Line solutions ?

  1. All Bourg perfect binding solutions automatically adapts to the thickness of each job to process each book most productively, sets jogging, power milling and notching, gluing, scoring and suction cover-feeding without manual intervention.
  2. Possibility to use EVA/hot melt or PUR-C adhesive systems depending on the jobs you need to perform
  3. Add accessories whenever you want to gain in flexbility and automation. Our solutions adapt to your need today - and tomorrow! 

Create the perfect binding workflow that corresponds to your needs of today and tomorrow

Start with a BB3002 and add:

  • One Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) to enable Dual-Mode finishing. You get the flexibility to combine In-Line and Off-Line modes and to use one print finishing solution for several printers.
  • Two Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF Tandem) to increase efficiency. Your production line works continuously without interruptions due to paper shortage. Once the first feeder runs out of paper, the system automatically switches to the second one. Output is uninterrupted and productivity is maintained at 100%.
  • The latest barcode reader technology. It can be equipped on the BB3002 perfect binding family and the CMT knife trimming family. It offers cover to content matching to ensure your production‘s job integrity. No manual job set-up is required since the system is integrated in the machine. 
  • One or two Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) to produce up to four jobs at the same time, reduces click charges & reduces waste production.
  • A Bourg WalkOver bridge (BWO). It serves not only as a time-saving shortcut for the operator but also as a speed adjuster. It matches paper speed between your printer and C.P. Bourg finishing modules without slowing down the printing speed & performances.

Your needs changes in the future ? No problem! Our local partner will help you to adapt your In-Line perfect binder to your new requirements. 

Contact your local partner or configure your solution now to find out which of our C.P. Bourg’s unique perfect binding workflows corresponds to your needs! 

Available in EVA/hot melt and PUR glue

Depending on the job you need to perform, C.P. Bourg enables you to have the machine that responds to your needs. The PUR adhesive system is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available. It is ideal to produce softcover books, and on-demand full-color print materials such as photo books. The EVA/hot melt adhesive is faster and cheaper than PUR but is less durable and less flexible. This is why the EVA gluing system is ideal to produce on-demand handouts, medical prescription books (cover with innerflaps and tear-off sheets) and black/white books for a small price. If you decide to purchase a perfect binder from our BB3x02 product family in PUR-C, please note that this machine can be used with EVA/hot melt when needed.

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