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The Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA is designed to create state of the art perfect bound books while being user-friendly - thanks to the color touchscreen interface (GUI). This unique perfect binder enables you to produce from the largest to the smallest range of book sizes ranging from small square books to large custom sizes (see media sheet sizes).

This binder is ideal for on-demand customized applications, producing single books from 2 to 600 sheets (with 90 gsm), in record time. The BB3002 EVA adapts all features automatically to the thickness of each job. Therefore, no manual set-up is required. This reduces loss of productivity and allows a peak speed of 650 cycles per hour, the best of its category!

The BB3002 EVA is the ideal binder to produce high quality materials such as on-demand student handouts, medical prescription books (cover with innerflaps/winged books and tear-off sheets), and a wide variety of books for the quickest return on investment. A key advantage of the EVA hot melt gluing system is that books can be manipulated very quickly.

Why use EVA/hot melt glue?

Three key reasons to use the EVA/hot melt gluing system:

  1. A faster production of books;
  2. Books can be manipulated immediately;
  3. More economical than PUR glue, the glue can be remelted and there is no expiration date on the glue.

A binder designed to produce all your customers' standard book sizes and even more…

While you try to respond to all your customer needs, reduce costs and increase productivity, the BB3002 EVA enables you to produce up to 350 books/hour (up to 650 cycles/hour) from 100 x 90mm (3.93 x 3.54 in) to 385 x 380mm (15.15 x 14.96 in). No other binder on the market matches the features set of the BB3002.

Up to 13 positive/negative cover knife creases

Compared to wheel scoring, knife creasing is, by far, the best solution.It offers a superior and cleaner quality result which avoids the printed surface to be damaged and the covers to be cracked. This creasing system is easier to adjust and offers more flexibility as you can perform variable creasing and make books from 2 to 600 sheets.

This is ideal to produce books with inner flaps (winged books) such as medical prescription books.

Optimize the use of your manpower

Every time the operator loads a different book thickness in the BB3002 EVA, the specifications are mesured automatically and no manual input is required. You save time and increase your productivity.

All functions including the clamping system, the accuracy adjustment in operation, the barecode scanning, etc. are fully automated.

Furthermore, the color touchscreen interface (GUI) makes the perfect binder very easy to use.

Our modular approach enables your machines to grow at the same time than your business

You can start with a BB3002 EVA perfect binder and later upgrade it by connecting to a Bourg Book Loader (BBL) or a Bourg Book Complier (BBC) with one or two Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF), one or two Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) and a trimmer CMT-130TC or CMT-330TC working In-Line, Near-Line and Off-Line to increase efficiency.

The key benefit of the BBL is efficiency. The BBL enables your operator to load up to 120 book blocks in less than six minutes. The machine can then work automatically at constant speed of the perfect binder for 8 to 25 minutes. The operator can use this time saved to start packing books that have just been trimmed on the CMT-130TC or CMT-330TC and deliver the customer faster or to perform other urgent tasks on other machines.

The BBC enables you to connect the BB3002 EVA directly to a printer. The binder will therefore be fed sheet by sheet. Once the book block is completed, the book will be glued immediately. Productivity gain is achievedas no intervention of an operator is needed to glue books and there is no need to wait until all book blocks of the job queue are prepared before glueing them.

Finally, your machine can also be equipped with the barcode solution that enables job tracking to maximize productivity and integrity. This is especially useful in “book runs of one” where matching cover to content is critical.

In brief, the BB3002 EVA integrates with your current and future workflow.

Media / Sheet sizes Media sizes
Features Advantages Benefits
Fully Automated Binder
  • Adapts all features automatically to the thickness of each job
  • Ideal for variable data jobs varying in thickness and on-demand jobs
  • All functionalities can be controlled via the GUI
Wide Range of Book Thicknesses
  • Binds from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
  • No pre-measurements required
  • Book thickness is automatically recorded during the loading process
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • User-friendly industrial grade color touch screen
  • Single GUI for entire finishing line can be connected wirelessly to any tablet, smartphone or computer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Control your entire finishing remotely
  • Remote diagnostics, statistics and much more
  • Check that the cover has been taken
  • Avoid binding without cover
  • Avoid reprints and waste
  • Vibration of the jogger plate re-aligns the block of paper to be bound
  • Ensures high quality perfect bound books
Superior Milling and Notching
  • Power milling wheel with notching for EVA applications (milling depth: from 0 to 3 mm - from 0 to 0.11 in)
  • Ensures deep glue penetration for maximum cover adhesion
paper dust collector
  • Gathers paper dust generated by milling/notching operation
  • No need for external dust removal
3 Cylinder Glue Tank
  • 1st cylinder penetrates between sheets
  • 2nd cylinder applies desired spine glue quantity
  • 3rd cylinder guarantees perfect glue repartition
  • Superior EVA spine gluing for premier book binding
  • Indicates when the glue tank needs to be refilled
  • Manage glue level more easily
  • Gain in productivity
Incorporated Side Gluing
  • Adjustable side gluing (accuracy at 0,1 mm/0.004 in)
  • Superior EVA side gluing for premier book binding
Knife Creasing
  • Up to 13 positive/negative cover creases
  • Highest quality creasing
  • Able to create winged books
  • Enables to pre-program and schedule production
  • Gain time: no need to wait for the glue to be ready to operate
  • Fully automatic: no need to switch on the machine
Safety Barrier
  • Light curtains guarantee operator safety while loading
  • Jobs are automatically processed when removing hands from loading area
  • Increases productivity and ease of operation while guaranteeing operator safety
double cover detection
  • Check that cover feeder takes one cover at a time
  • No manual check that only one cover has been taken
  • Avoid reprints and waste
Automatic barcode scanning
  • Each book block and cover will be scanned in order to guarantee book integrity
  • No setup required
  • Each job is checked in order to avoid reprints, also records each job for job tracking
  • No manual job setup
Bourg book reception module (BBR)
  • Stacks books vertically on the spine to allow the glue to dry in a perfect position
  • Large storage capacity
  • No production loss as it can be unloaded during job production
  • Guarantees book spine squareness
Dimensions Dimensions
Maximum speed 650 cycles/hour
350 books/hour
(operator dependent)
Minimum cover size 100 x 201 mm (3.93 x 7.91 in)
Maximum cover size 385 x 750 mm (15.15 x 29.52 in)
Cover weight 80 to 300 gsm
Minimum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 100 x 90 mm (3.93 x 3.54 in)
Maximum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 385 x 380mm (15.15 x 14.96 in)
Minimum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) 60 x 90 mm (2.36 x 3.54 in)
Maximum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59 in)
Book thickness 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
Milling depth 0 to 3 mm (0 to 0.11 in)
Paper weight 60 to 160 gsm
Dimensions BB3002 (L x W x H) 202 x 135 x 150 cm
(79.52 x 53.15 x 59.05 in)
Dimensions BBR (L x W x H) 106 x 60 x 50 cm (41.73 x 23.62 x 19.68 in)
Weight BB3002 650 kg (1,430 lbs)
Weight BBR 80kg (176 lbs)
Glue temperature 130 to 180 °C (266°F to 356 °F)
Cover station capacity / cover pile height 80 mm (3.15 in)
BBR capacity 700 mm (27.56 in)
Electrical / Acoustic
Power supply 208/220V ±10%, 60Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A

220/230 or 240V ±10%, 50Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A

380/400 or 415V ±10%, 50Hz, 3 phase star, no neutral needed, 12A
Operational mode
Power consumption 4,000 W
Radiant heat 13,648 BTU/hour
Sound level 76 dB
Standby mode
Power consumption 1,500 W
Radiant heat 5,120 BTU/hour
BB3002 barcode upgrade

BB3002 barcode upgrade

BB3002 barcode upgrade

First Aid Kits
BB3002 First Aid Kit

BB3002 First Aid Kit

BB3002 First Aid Kit

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade Kit to use BBL or BBC on BB3002

An existing BB3002 EVA in the field can be upgraded from the following Serial Nr. S/N613000666 TAG53 and from date of production of the 1st of July 2009.

Additional Options

BB3002 double cover detection

BB3002 double cover detection

6 meters long vacuum tube

BBF2005 and BB3002 6 meters long vacuum tube for external fume extraction

Paper Dust Extraction Kit for BB3002 (230V only)

Basic Paper Dust Extraction Kit for BB3002 (230V only)

Enhanced Paper Dust Extraction Kit for BB3002

Enhanced Paper Dust Extraction Kit for BB3002

Enhanced Paper Dust Extraction Kit for BB3002


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The C.P. Bourg BB3002 is of superb quality, therefore we chose to equip our second perfect binder BB3002 with a BBL Bourg Book Loader; a state-of-the-art invention by C.P. Bourg that not only meets our high quality demands, but also allows us to increase production by 40%.
To Universitas, this optimization of their production process is an investment through which they can continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

Tom Van Uffelen, owner

Universitas Digital Printing


With three BB3002 EVA, we now have both great reactivity (due to equipment performance) and great production flexibility. Everything is coupled. In addition, our 100% digital equipment insures personalisation: an important added value on the printed document.

The set-up is extremely fast on the binder BB3002. It makes high quality perfect bound books.

Pierre Perroy, General Manager



Thanks to the binder BB3002, we can also make prescription books. We meet the demand with a quality perfect binding.

Vincent Garnier, Production Manager

AB Printed


Today, with the new functionalities of the BB3002, everything is done automatically. The alignment does not move. You can take the first or the 500th, 1000th or 5000th copy, the creasing position is identical. You never have surprise. The other brands offering single-clamp binders do not offer such precision. We have a Rolls Royce!

The quality of gluing and the simplified touch screen that make its use simpler and faster. In 25 years in the profession, I've seen a lot of binders. The binder BB3002 works exceptionally well. I am happy with it. Perfect !

Raymond Lainé, operator

AB Printed


We wanted to add value to what we do and so looked into offering wings on the covers of our perfect-bound books and magazines. It is another string to our bow.

We were being asked for the capability more and more and there is a lot of competition for short-run book production, so if you can offer something a little bit extra it can help you stand out.

We no longer need to outsource and that means we keep control of the budget and the timings. It is easier to set up and faster so we can be more productive.

It has only been in a few a weeks but the binder BB3002 EVA is already making a significant difference thanks to an improved bind, plus an expansion to the services we can offer cost-effectively in-house.

Mike Coates, Managing Director

The Russell Press

United Kingdom

We wanted to add value to what we doing and so looked into offering wings on the covers of our perfect bound books and magazines. It is another string to our bow. 

We were being asked for the capability more and more and there is a lot of competition for short run book production so if you can offer something a little bit extra it can help you stand out.

The new investment in a BB3002 EVA also means that Russell Press can bring a lot of its work inhouse, helping the company to control the timing of the jobs it does.

Energy consumption was also a consideration, we have ISO14001 and so always consider energy usage in any purchase. The BB3002 EVA binder has a much lower consumption than our older system so that is an automatic improvement. 

He added, "our older system was a two man operation but the new BB3002 EVA binder only requires one. This frees up a member of staff to work in other departments ensuring a smooth end-to-end workflow." 

Mike Coates, Managing Director

Russell Press

United Kingdom

The C.P. Bourg BB3002 had a simple touchscreen interface and didn’t need any tools for job changeovers, so the operator didn’t need to be an bindery expert. With it we could create professional-looking books fast, at reasonable cost and completely on-demand. This is it! This is exactly what I want to solve my courseware binding problems!

The BB3002 changed the way we do business. Now it is allowing us to move into the market for on-demand landscape-format photo books – a new business direction.

Raj Nadrajan, Director of the In-plant print & finishing department

University of Vancouver


I produce mainly on-demand jobs. When I purchased the BB3002 seven years ago, it was the best producton the market that responded to my needs. Today, if I would need to buy a new machine, I would buy the same one.

Pierre Rigaux, Chief executive officer

PR Print


I just purchased the BB3002 and the BBL. As I mainly produce on-demand books mainly for the publishing industry and universities, these two machines will enable me to have a productivity gain. In the print-finishing market, there are no better products!

Geoffroy Walters, CEO



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