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Multigraf Touchline CF375 Creasing, Perforating, Folding Machine Off-Line

Multigraf Touchline CF375 Creasing, Perforating, Folding Machine

Creaser, perforator and folder combined in one machine. Save time and space with the Multigraf Touchline CF375. This new generation of easy-to-use machine with its touch screen responds to the demand of the digital market.

The new dimension of creasing and folding

The new TOUCHLINE generation offers more flexibility and automation than any other machine in the same class. The TOUCHLINE CF375 creasing and folding machine can handle weights up to 400 gsm.

The creasing device features the exclusive Multigraf Swingbar system to eliminate paper breakage. The paper passes without stopping during the creasing process. The crease depth adjustment is fully automated and this is another fantastic feature of the TOUCHLINE CF375.

The TOUCHLINE CF375 folding device is equipped with the patented Multigraf Pro-Knife system. It not only achieves a perfect fold but avoids marks on the sheets. Using this technology, TOUCHLINE CF375 runs at an appreciable speed of 6000 A5 sheets per hour, regardless of the number of folds and creases.

TOUCHLINE is equipped with a high pile feeder using a suction system, blower blade for perfect sheet separation; double sheet detection and very simple start-up. No compressor is needed, which dramatically reduces noise emissions. The maximum format is 375 x 660 mm (14.76 x 25.98"). With an optional table extension, sheet formats up to 375 x 1050 mm (14.76 x 41.34") are possible!

The output has two levels. If the documents are creased and folded, they exit on the top electric belt. If the sheets are only creased or perforated, they come out into from the bottom stacker. The sheets do not pass through the folding rollers. A perforation device is available. TOUCHLINE is very compact and mounted on casters. The dimensions are only 1860 x 600 mm (73.23 x 23.62").

"One Touch" control, color touch screen

  • Simple operation using the menu;
  • All important adjustments are automatically and centrally set up via the color touch screen;
  • A small, ergonomic control panel offers all the needed functions for production.

Suction feeder, double sheet detection, top and bottom output, perforating device

  • The high pile feeder with suction belts and front blower handles formats from 105 x 148 mm (4.13 x 5.83") up to 375 x 1050 mm (14.76 x 41.34");
  • High operational safety in production is guaranteed by professional ultrasonic double sheet detection;
  • Exit conveyor with automatic adjustment. All folded products will be delivered on the high capacity output. If the sheets are only creased, they exit into the bottom stacker and do not pass the folding rollers;
  • A perforating device is available for the bottom output. Touchline offers more flexibility thanks to additional in-line operations.
Feeding system Suction feeding
Feeding capacity 180 mm (7.09")
Minimum paper size 105 x 148 mm (4.13 x 5.83")
Maximum paper size 375 x 660 mm (14.76 x 25.98")
375 x 1050 mm (14.76 x 41.34") with the extension table
Double sheet detection Ultra sonic
Recommended paper weight for creasing 80 to 400 gsm or up to 0.4mm*
Creasing system Creasing bar
Creasing types 2
Creasing depth 3, automatic adjustment for each type
Amount of creases 20
Distance between 2 creases 30 mm
* D├ępends on the material quality.
Folding System Multigraf Pro-Knife
Amount of folds 2
Minimum length of the fold 30 mm (1.18")
Maximum length of the fold 500 mm (19.69")
Operating Unit Color touch screen
Exit conveyor 820 mm (32.28")
Reception capacity 120 mm (4.72")
Speed (sheet/hour) Up to 6 000, depends on the application
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1860 x 600 x 1320 mm (73.23 x 23.62 x 52")
Weight 168 kg (370.38 lbs)
Power supply 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
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