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Bourg Square Edge (BSE) In-Line / Off-Line / Near-Line / Dual-Mode

Bourg Square Edge (BSE)

The Square Edge accessory takes traditional stitch-fold-trim booklets and transforms them into square edge booklets. Similar in appearance to perfect bound books, these booklets lay flat, stack easily and allow printing on the spine.

The BSE is connectable with C.P. Bourg high end In-Line, Off-Line, and Near-Line booklet making equipment.

Eight reasons to upgrade your booklet making equipment with a Bourg Square Edge

  1. Traditional stitch-fold booklets are transformed into high-quality square edge booklets
  2. Accepts maximum booklet thickness from 1 mm to 6,5 mm (0.04 to 0.26 in - this corresponds to approximatively 30 sheets of 80 gsm bond paper folded into a 120 pages booklet) and can take booklet formats of up to 350 x 250 mm (13.78 x 9.84 in)
  3. Maximum speed of 1,750 booklets/hour (single pass)
  4. There is no risk of loose pages - you can even print on the spine
  5. Booklets can be opened flat without damaging the spine
  6. Overall bulk is reduced by at least one third
  7. Flat booklets are easy to handle, stack and pack
  8. Hand-feed (Off-Line) or operate In-Line with C.P. Bourg booklet making equipment, the choice is yours
Media / Sheet sizes Media sizes
Dimensions Dimensions
Maximum speed single pass 1,750 booklets/hour
Maximum speed double pass 1,150 booklets/hour
Min booklet size 80 x 120 mm (3.15 x 4.72 in)
Maximum booklet size 250 x 350 mm (9.84 x 13.78 in)
Booklet thickness 1 to 6,5 mm (0.04 to 0.26 in)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 71 x 70 x 106 cm
(27.95 x 27.56 x 41.73 in)
Weight 98 kg (216 lbs)
Electrical / acoustic
Power supply 120V ±10%, 60Hz, 5A
230V ±10%, 50Hz, 3A
Operational mode
Power consumption 700 W
Radiant heat 2,400 BTU/hour
Sound level 72 dB
Spare Parts Kits
BSE Spare Parts Kit

BSE Spare Parts Kit

BSE Spare Parts Kit

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This In-Line Bourg booklet making solution with the Océ i300 digital press pays for itself within 2.5 years. Everything is more efficient. It takes us less time to get work out of the door and the end results look great.

John DerBoghossian, CEO


New York, United States

We wanted to increase our capacity. We had small machines from competing manufacturers In-Line and Off-Line. The volumes, settings, and capacities did not provide the required production speeds. The C.P. Bourg booklet-making equipment (BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE) allows us to speed up our post-printing production. We've gained in speed (higher production capacity) and quality. The C.P. Bourg machines are really intuitive and easy to manage.

We’ve also gained in productivity: we load the stacks of paper from the carts into the BSF sheet feeder. There’s no more manual work involved in producing brochures now. Everything’s automatic - it’s a great advantage. It means that we’ve doubled and nearly tripled our daily capacity. And this in turn means that our staff can work comfortably at a speed that wasn’t possible with the old equipment.

Thanks to C.P. Bourg booklet-making (BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE), all digitally-printed short runs are handled in house. This guarantees that more work is done in house and all the files are managed upstream. So we ourselves deliver to the clients, which enables us to check the quality of the work done, and to make sure the clients are pleased with the result. In other words, the whole production process is controlled from start to finish.

Our old booklet-maker from a competing manufacturer could only handle 3,000 or at most 5,000 booklets an hour. It was really holding back production. With the C.P. Bourg booklet-maker, we’ve taken a big step forward.

This solution adapts to our production flow: this booklet-maker allows us to handle both digital and offset work, and even both together. This is why we also acquired collators. It means that we can produce the covers digitally with the inside done in offset. Result - a fine, square-edged booklet. This booklet-making solution gives us all the flexibility we need for our production method. We are delighted with it! Because the Bourg Sheet Feeder is so easy to load, our production capacity has been almost tripled.

Hervé Veinguertener, Production Manager



During the tender, we tested different solutions from competitor’s brands. The Bourg Booklet Making was the most adapted to our needs: the most productive solution, the fastest and the most intuitive which enables the operator to be more versatile.

The Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) enables several presses to work with a single booklet making solution. We have a production capacity which suits to our digital presses.

The Bourg Booklet Making solution BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE offers numerous advantages: (1) This system is more intuitive and easier to use. Everything is programmed via the touchscreen. It is a solution which pleased printing agents. They became versatile on printing and finishing systems; (2) it uses less operator time: it frees them up time to concentrate on other tasks; (3) Before, with thicker books, we had to use hotmelt perfect binding or spiral binding. It was more expensive and took more time. Now, we offer precise and good quality stitched square back books; (4) We reduced by half the time taken for finishing which initially took three days. Delivery time has considerably been reduced. In addition, this Bourg booklet making system enables production of smaller formats, variable data and thicker books.

Bernard Besson, technical manager of digital printing service

Les Aéroports de Paris


We bought the Ferrari of digital printing (i.e., HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press) and finishing equipment (i.e., In-Line Bourg finishing equipments: BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE) and it performs accordingly. Our new approach is bringing our entire business to the next level. With it, we’re winning additional work for our printing services and green screen technology segments and new contracts for Green Apple Studios. And if our volume grows higher than expected, we know the HP and Bourg equipment can handle it.

Our booklets are much more exciting than loose-leaf portrait sell-sheets and they have a longer shelf life. They commonly end up on kitchen tables and coffee tables where they can inspire parents and grandparents to see the range of possibilities and place additional orders for prints, calendars and other products.

From an equipment standpoint, we had to learn a lot about digital printing and finishing in a short time. But HP and Bourg provided solid training and support. Plus their equipment’s ease of use and high level of automation also made for short learning curves, allowing us to come up to speed on digital production methods fairly quickly.

Robert Ste-Marie, president



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