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May 26, 2016

C.P. Bourg to launch the new Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) and display an extensive range of finishing solutions integrated with HP Indigo, Océ and Xerox printers at drupa 2016 Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

  • drupa marks the debut of the Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) – the industry’s first scalable sheet preparation module.
  • Demonstrations highlight the unmatched versatility of C.P. Bourg solutions for production of perfect bound books, stitched books, UV-coated business cards, booklets and more.
  • Integrated C.P. Bourg solutions can be seen at the Xerox booth in Hall 8B, HP booth in Hall 17, the Canon booth in Hall 8A, and at the joint C.P. Bourg, Challenge and Watkiss booth located in C41-C61 in Hall 6.
C.P. Bourg to launch the new Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) and display an extensive range of finishing solutions integrated with HP Indigo, Océ and Xerox printers at drupa 2016

C.P. Bourg booth – C41-C61, Hall 6

An industry-first book making and binding solution

At drupa 2016, C.P. Bourg will launch the Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) – its new solution allowing intervention-free book making and binding. As the industry’s first scalable sheet preparation module, the BPM vastly simplifies and automates production of books and booklets, delivering economies of scale, a streamlined workflow, and shorter turnaround.

“We are very proud to launch the BPM, a sheet preparation module that we believe will revolutionize the industry,” said Joël Tourneix, CEO of C.P. Bourg s.a. “The BPM carries on our tradition of introducing innovation after innovation that each drives the printing industry to new heights of quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.”

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One stop for print finishing excellence

C.P. Bourg will demonstrate a wide variety of technologies and integrations for booklet making, perfect binding and stitched books, under the banner of “The Centre of Print Finishing Excellence” at booth C41-C61, in Hall 6.

The Centre of Print Finishing Excellence is a joint initiative by C.P. Bourg, Challenge Machinery, and Watkiss Automation that provides printing companies with a one-stop-shop for all their book and booklet making needs. C.P. Bourg solutions integrated with Challenge Machinery and Watkiss Automation solutions will be demonstrated live throughout drupa at their joint booth C41-C61, in Hall 6.

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Multiple partner integrations

Additionally, C.P. Bourg will present a broad range of finishing solutions integrated with market-leading printing and production equipment, which will be shown at several other booths throughout drupa.

Printing partner technologies include Xerox, HP Indigo and Canon, all of whom will host live demonstrations of C.P. Bourg technologies integrated with state-of-the-art solutions. The C.P. Bourg products will be demonstrated with additional components from other leading finishing vendors, showcasing end-to-end production solutions.

C.P. Bourg and HP Indigo– HP booth, Hall 17

HP Indigo will exhibit the advanced in-line booklet making solution of the C.P. Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress (BM-e ExPress) with the Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) integrated in-line with the new HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press and HP Indigo Direct-to-Finish workflow integration system.

This newly available configuration gives a huge boost to production efficiency. With a fully automated solution for handling high volumes of short-run jobs, customers can streamline their stitched booklet production, reduce setup time, reduce the risk of errors, and improve productivity.

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C.P. Bourg and Canon – Hall 8A

At drupa 2016, C.P. Bourg will exhibit, for the first time ever, an integrated in-line perfect binding solution combining the Bourg Binder BB3202 (also called BGB3202 by SDD) with the MOHR BC-360 trimmer for the Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+ digital printing system.

This combined solution provides a fully automated production workflow, from print to ready-to-ship books. It gives printers a proven way to optimize production time and labor costs while maximizing quality.

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C.P. Bourg and Xerox – Xerox booth, Hall 8B

C.P. Bourg will present three integrated print finishing solutions at the Xerox booth, demonstrating the value that C.P. Bourg brings to the production of a diverse range of products.

Presenting a fully automated process for producing UV-coated applications that reduces production time and labor costs, the BSF will be demonstrated in-line with the Xerox iGen 5 printer, the Tec Lighting Duplex UV Coater, and the Rollem JetStream trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system.

A complete solution for perfect bound books will be demonstrated by a Xerox Nuvera 314 printer working in-line with the Bourg binder solution – a combination of the BSF, Bourg Perforating Rotating Folding (BPRF) and Bourg Binder BB3202 EVA – and the CMT-330C Three-Knife Trimmer developed by Challenge Machinery Company. Offering full integrity check and unique variable knife creasing capabilities, the solution is ideal for books with multiple flaps or publications with inner flaps, such as medical prescription books.

For a new end-to-end automated solution for stitched books and booklets, a Xerox iGen 5 press will be shown working in-line with the Bourg Booklet Maker, an integrated finishing solution combining the BSF, Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e), Bourg Bleed Crease Module (BCM-e), and Bourg Square Edge (SQE). With this automated solution, no operator intervention is required from web all the way to finish.

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“In addition to our launch of the BPM, our presence at five booths with eight integrated solutions demonstrates the outstanding flexibility of C.P. Bourg solutions,” commented Joël Tourneix, C.P. Bourg’s CEO. “We are unique in enabling the in-line, off-line, and dual-mode production of perfect bound books, stitched books, and booklets. Our machines work in-line with the main print vendors Canon, HP Indigo, Xerox as well as Kodak; and major print finishing partners like Adolf Mohr, Epic Products International, Rollem, Tec Lighting, The Challenge Machinery Company, Watkiss Automation and more.

He continued: “By offering the most scalable, flexible and long-lasting print finishing solutions, we empower customers to protect their capital investment and grow their businesses.”


To schedule a meeting at drupa, please contact: or +32 (0) 10 622 211

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