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May 11, 2012

C.P. Bourg Enhances In-Line, Off-Line and Dual-Mode Print Finishing with New Bleed-Crease Modules Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

New E-series modules are available for all production configurations, including full compatibility with highly efficient dual-mode workflows. Versatile finishing systems are being demonstrated May 3-16 at drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf.

C.P. Bourg Enhances In-Line, Off-Line and Dual-Mode Print Finishing with New Bleed-Crease Modules

Drupa; Messe Dusseldorf Germany; 11 May, 2012 -- C.P. Bourg, the world's leading developer and supplier of on-demand document feeding, binding and finishing equipment, today announced that it has enhanced the capabilities of its dedicated in-line and versatile near-line/off-line finishing systems with the addition of new and fully automated E-series Bleed Crease Modules that provide optional full-bleed production and creasing for the range of printing environments.

Two versions of the new finishing accessory are available: the Bourg BCME for off-line production with the Bourg BSF Sheet Feeder and Bourg document finishers, and the Bourg BCMEx for in-line use with Xerox Nuvera EA Production Systems or Xerox iGen color presses. The new Bourg BCME is the only bleed-crease system on the market able to match the full rated speed and large format size of these digital presses.

For near-line/off-line automation, the BCME Bleed Crease Module trims and creases sheets sent from the Bourg BSF Sheet Feeder and passes them to a Bourg BDFE Document Finisher or Bourg BME Booklet Maker for stitch-fold-trim finishing. Bourg BCME systems can accept coated or uncoated stock up to 350 gsm in sizes from 7 x 8 inches to 14.33 x 22.5 inches printed digitally or conventionally.

When used in-line, the new BCMEx can contribute full-bleed trimming to a dedicated and JDF enabled digital document finishing production stream or to the new dual-mode finishing workflow made possible by the Bourg BSFx Sheet Feeder. As part of a dual-mode Bourg BSFx production line, the BCMEx is able to top-and bottom-trim and crease output from the in-line Xerox iGen or Xerox Nuvera press, or from any number of off-line print engines. Bleed-trimmed and creased sheets are transported to a Bourg BDFEx Document Finisher or Bourg BMEx Booklet Maker for final processing -- giving finished booklets a crisp, three-sided trim in a single production pass.

"In a dedicated digital printing environment, the BCMEx expands versatility by providing automated bleed-trim production and sophisticated creasing to digitally-printed monochrome and full-color materials," says Richard F. Trapilo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, C.P. Bourg, Inc.

"In a dual-mode environment, utilizing the same production line to stitch, fold and trim documents coming from various digital print workflows – in addition to the dedicated print engine – dramatically enhances productivity, and boosts utilization of the finishing equipment to further maximize the user's return on investment, says Mr. Trapilo.

"Owing to its fully automated operation, the Bourg BCME Bleed Crease Module fits perfectly in any fast-paced printing environment."

Bourg BCME systems feature fully automated operation without the need for an operator console or display:

In the off-line configuration, the operation of the BCME module is programmed through the Bourg BME operator console, which is mounted for easy access on a 300-degree swivel arm.

During dedicated operation in-line, the BCMEx module operates entirely under program control of the Xerox iGen or Xerox Nuvera press.

When part of a dual-mode finishing workflow, the BCMEx can accept printed material from the in-line Xerox iGen or Nuvera press via pass-through from the integrated Bourg BSFx Sheet Feeder, or from other print streams entering the finishing process through the Bourg BSFx.

Taking Finishing to the "Next Level"
The new Bourg BCME-series machines are able to precision-trim up to 350 gsm coated or uncoated stock in sizes from 7 x 8 inches to 14.33 x 22.5 inches – the largest format of any bleed-trim device designed for digital printing. Advanced stepper-motor scoring cylinder technology unique to C.P. Bourg creases sheets on the fly as they travel through the machine, without impeding productivity. An oversized waste bin makes it possible for the BCME to run four hours before being emptied on the fly as the machine continues production, while a bypass function affords Bourg BCME models the flexibility to crease without trimming, or to allow sheets to pass through with no action taken.

"C.P. Bourg E-series products take print finishing to the next level of automation and productivity," Mr. Trapilo explains. "Our new BCME Bleed Crease Modules significantly enhance the versatility of any Bourg production line with full-format bleed trimming and on-the-fly creasing in a compact, efficient package."

The new Bourg BCME and BCMEx Bleed Crease Modules will be shown in various configurations at this year's drupa exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany May 3-16, 2012, along with tens of other C.P. Bourg finishing products and modular production lines for conventional, digital, mixed, and new dual-mode production environments.

C.P. Bourg -- Your Partner in Print Finishing

For more than 50 years, C.P. Bourg has designed and delivered innovative binding and finishing solutions to meet the needs of the global printing and finishing industry. C.P. Bourg's reputation -- as the world's leading technology developer and supplier of in-line and near-line document feeding, binding and finishing equipment for the broad spectrum of traditional and digital printing environments -- is built on a history of Mr. Christian Pierre Bourg's achievement and continuous commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency. This commitment has led to privileged relationships with numerous digital print suppliers, and with tens of thousands of customers worldwide who rely on C.P. Bourg equipment to turn print on paper into quality finished products.

An award-winning supplier and Xerox Business Innovation Partner since 1989, C.P. Bourg in November 2011 was named the Xerox Overall Finishing Business Innovation Partner of the Year for the seventh consecutive year. For more information visit

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