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Oct 4, 2011

C.P. Bourg Barcode Option Ensures Print Finishing Integrity Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

C.P. Bourg has developed a new option for its high-speed BSF Sheet Feeder that ensures finished documents are complete and produced with the correct cover.

C.P. Bourg Barcode Option Ensures Print Finishing Integrity

New Bedford, MA; October 4, 2010 – To a financial institution, few errors are worse than sending a client an incomplete financial statement or sending one to the wrong person. C.P. Bourg, the world’s leading technology developer and supplier of in-line and near-line document feeding, binding and finishing equipment, has developed a new option for its high-speed BSF Sheet Feeder that ensures finished documents are complete and produced with the correct cover.

The Bourg BSF Sheet Feeder allows print shops with different manufacturers’ presses to achieve dramatic productivity increases. It features an innovative air-table design that allows its operator virtually hands-free to load and easily center stacks of collated sets from stacking carts common to Canon, HP Indigo, Kodak NEXPRESS, Océ and Xerox. The BSF feeds stock up to 14.33 x 22.5 inches into a Bourg BCM Bleed Crease Module and a Bourg BME Booklet Maker, acting as the entry point to a high-speed print finishing production line that can produce up to 5,000 booklets per hour and as many as 120,000 booklets per day.

Because it operates decoupled from the print engine, it also serves as the first line of defense for verifying the integrity of collated output brought to it on stack carts. To prevent errors from being carried into production, the BSF is equipped with optical mark recognition sensors to check for job integrity. The new barcode option further enhances workflow security by tracking the identity and number of sheets being fed from the content stack and tells the BSF when to feed the cover. If any content is not in the correct set or sequence, or if the cover doesn’t match, the BSF halts production, allowing an operator to correct the situation.

“In today’s digital printing environments, every set printed can be different – and it often is,” said Richard Trapilo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, C.P. Bourg, Inc. “Producing a single booklet incorrectly can compromise the integrity of a day’s work, making it vitally important to catch errors immediately. Conversely, off-line production is a highly cost-effective way to quickly produce finished documents from multiple print streams when the production line is able to run at full speed,” he explained.

C.P. Bourg is showcasing its near-line production solution featuring a BSF Sheet Feeder equipped with the new barcode reader, an e-series Bourg BCM-e Bleed Crease Module enabling production of full-bleed booklets, and Bourg’s award-winning BME Booklet Maker in C. P. Bourg booth #2036 at Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago, October 3-6.

C.P. Bourg “e-series” finishing products are the first for high-speed, on-demand booklet making for digital, conventional or mixed workflows that accept printed output up to 14.5 x 23.5 inches (370 x 600 mm).

Bourg BSF Sheet Feeders with the new option are available for immediate delivery. In addition, the new option can be upgraded on existing Bourg BSF units in the field.

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