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11–12 oct. 2019

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Our local distributor, ZTEC will hold their annual event at a customer place. A large number of equipment will be displayed to produce various printing applications :

  • Soft cover,hard cover and layflat books
  • Various types of booklets (calendars, notebooks, commercial leaflets, etc.)

Demonstrations will be available on Bourg print finishing solutions:

  • Automated On-Demand Book of One: The Bourg Binder BB3102 PUR-C makes it easy to produce a wide variety of bound softcover books, from traditional or digital print streams, with minimal operator intervention.
  • In-Line On-Demand Booklet Making Solution with the BPM 2-UP: Canon VarioPrint 6320 Titan + BSF+ BPM + BM-e + SQE. The ideal solution for digital and web-to-print environments. It operates “24/7” at the full-rated speed of your printers/presses with an extreme flexibility. You may combine In-Line and Off-Line modes and use one print finishing solution for several printers!

To request an invitation, contact ZTEC team now by email: leon@chinaztec.com or by phone: +86 (0) 10-64514288.

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