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16–21 sept. 2014

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C.P. Bourg Germany will attend the Photokina event. Our finishing solutions are ideal for the production of on-demand full-color print books such as perfect bound photo books.

To set-up an appointment, please contact directly Peter Ebner via email: p_ebner@cpbourg.com or by phone: +49 74 33 9 98 16 80

Photokina is the world’s leading imaging fair. From image recording and processing to storage and output, innovations are demonstrated and cutting edge technological developments and trends are placed in the spotlight. This includes mobile imaging, connectivity, movies, cgi, 3D printing and much more.

The photokina concept is rounded off by an impressive program of events including conventions, workshops, symposia, image shows and numerous special events on the trade fair grounds and throughout the city.

If you are a photobook printer, this event is definitely for you.

For more information: http://www.photokina.com

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