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26–28 mars 2019
Evenementenhal Gorinchem
Franklinweg 2
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Discover C.P. Bourg print finishing solutions live in action on our local distributor's booth, Kentie. Demonstrations will be available on :

What is great about this solution: The BPM trims on-the-fly symmetrically & asymmetrically from 4 to 100 mm (from 0.16 to 3.94 in) top and bottom sheets. This way you can produce all creative booklet formats. The BSF (Bourg Sheet Feeder) allows full asset utilisation of your park of machines by shifting between In-Line and Off-Line modes. As a result, all your presses share one finishing solution. The BSF offers you all the flexibility you need.

What is great about this solution: In less than six minutes, the operator can load up to 120 book blocks into the BB3102, and perform other tasks - such as packing books that have just been produced - while the binder & the book trimmer operate unattended for up to 25 minutes. 

To set-up an appointment with Kentie, please contact Michel Carlier, by email: mcarlier@kentie.nl or by phone: +31 184 670 804 or +31 6 2245 3403

Sign & Print Expo 2019 is a trade fair where future innovations and trends in visual communication are presented. The event replaces the Grafische Vakbeurs & Vakbeurs Sign.

For more information, visit the official website : https://booking.evenementenhal.nl/nl/sign-print-expo-2019/gorinchem

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