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The TD-d automatically offset or straight stacks sets produced by the Bourg collator (BST-e). This receding stacker accessory ensures maximum productivity of the BST-e, accommodating high stacks of collated material (up to 480 mm/18.89 in).

A four-caster roll-away dolly/trolley allows collated sets to be moved around easily.

The TD-d can take paper sizes of up to 450 x 320 mm (17.71 x 12.59 in).

Nine reasons to purchase a Bourg Automatic Receding Stacker (TD-d)

  1. Automatic offset or straight stack sets produced by the collator BST-e
  2. Interfaces with the Collator BST-e
  3. Connectable to C.P. Bourg's booklet making solutions (e.g., TD-d + BST-e + BM-e + SQE)
  4. Accommodates up to 480 mm (18.9 in) stack of collated material
  5. Accepts paper formats of up to 450 x 320 mm (17.71 x 12.59 in)
  6. Adjustable backstop to accommodate different lengths of paper. Scales are provided for easy operator adjustment
  7. 5 lower side guides to accommodate from the minimum to the maximum sheet sizes and various stacking modes
  8. Delivered with different size jogging arms to handle the full range of paper sizes for both straight or offset stacking
  9. Delivered with a removable paper trolley to allow the operator to wheel the collated sets away from the machine (extra paper trolleys may be purchased if required)
Media / Sheet sizes Media sizes
Dimensions Dimensions
Mimimum sheet size 210 x 148 mm (8.26 x 5.82 in)
Maximum sheet size 450 x 320 mm (17.71 x 12.59 in)
TD-d capacity (pile height) 480 mm (18.89 in)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 62 x 75 x 93 cm
(24.41 x 29.52 x 36.61 in)
Weight 71 kg (156 lbs)
Electrical / Acoustic
Power supply 120V ±10%, 60Hz, 3A
230V ±10%, 50Hz, 1.5A
Operational mode
Power consumption 350 W
Radiant heat 1,200 BTU/hour
Sound level 65 dB