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C.P. Bourg's products can be equipped with two types of barcodes allowing you to achieve record breaking efficiency:

  1. The latest 1D and 2D barcode reader technology. It can be equipped on the BSF and includes a hand-held external or integrated system.
  2. The latest integrated barcode reading technology. It can be equipped on the BB3002 perfect binding family and the CMT knife trimming family.

Guaranteed job integrity & systematic tracebility

The incorporated 1D and 2D barcode reader technology in your BSF provides automatic job set-up on finishing device through JDF or pre-saved jobs (on selected finishers only, see the "Connectability" section of this product to get the full list). Each page is scanned guaranteeing a complete job and a systematic traceability. You save time configuring/processing variable data jobs. In case of a faulted job, the job can be easily reprinted.

Achieve maximum productivity

The barcode upgrade for the BB3x02 perfect binding family and the CMT knife trimming family offers cover to content matching to ensure your production‘s job integrity. No manual job set-up is required since the system is integrated in the machine.

Get real-time statistics

Follow your production with realtime statistics with both type of barcode upgrade systems.

Flexible barcode reading system

The barcode upgrade system for the BSF offers you the possibility to either let the system scanning each page to check for set integrity and/or automate the job set-up through a barcode identifying job ID. This can be performed with the handheld external barcode reader or internal reader.

Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF)
Connectability for the barcode upgrade for the BSF 
Bourg Binder BB3x02 EVA / Hot melt / PUR-C family and CMT knife trimmer family
Sheet Feeders

Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF)

For customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-Line finishing, C.P. Bourg offers the best of both worlds with the …

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Booklet Makers

Bourg Booklet Maker (BM-e)

The BM-e is C.P. Bourg’s premium award winning booklet maker that utilizes the latest technology with unparalleled quality …

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Perfect Binders
BB3002 EVA

Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA / Hot melt

The Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA is designed to create state of the art perfect bound books while being user-friendly - thanks …

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BB3002 PUR-C

Bourg Binder BB3002 PUR-C

C.P. Bourg is the first manufacturer worldwide to use the PUReONETM compact adhesive system with applicator from Nordson. …

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BB3102 EVA / PUR-C

Bourg Binder BB3102 EVA / PUR-C

The Bourg Binder BB3102 is a fully automated perfect binding system aimed at medium-run and short-run production environments. …

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Bourg Book Compiler (BBC)

The Bourg Book Compiler (BBC) enables you to use the BB3002 perfect binder in In-Line mode behind a printer or in Near-Line …

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Bourg Book Loader (BBL)

The Bourg Book Loader is an accessory upgrade to the BB3002 perfect binder. It allows the operator to load up to 120 book …

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CMT-330C Three-Knife Trimmer

The CMT-330C three-knife trimmer finishes soft-cover, perfect bound books at a rate of up to 400 books per hour (up to 1,000 books per hour in multiple books mode).This fully automatic trimmer is designed …

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