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Ultimate TechnoGraphics Imposition & Finishing Automation (SOFTWARE) New In-Line / Off-Line

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Imposition & Finishing Automation (SOFTWARE)

Enhance C.P. Bourg’s print finishing solutions with Ultimate TechnoGraphics softwares and integration workflow to increase the productivity on each job.

By combining Ultimate Impostrip® Econo+ or Automation and Ultimate Bindery®, the C.P. Bourg device will read the job barcode, adjust job set-up automatically, check the job integrity and produce all jobs within the full stack of variable short run jobs without manual intervention.

This is the best way to create a fully automated pre-press to finishing workflow to dynamically drive on demand book or booklet of one. 

Ultimate Bindery®

Combine Ultimate Bindery® with Ultimate Impostrip® Automation or Scalable for a full JDF/JMF imposition and finishing automation workflow solution.

It operates as a central location to validate that each job is built respecting the capabilities and constraints of the selected finishing equipment. These validations prevent errors and reduce waste since an alert is sent to the user for them to rectify the situation.

Ultimate Impostrip® Automation

In a very little time, set up a link to your management system (MIS), your online photo editing system worfklow or web ordering system. Perfect for very short turnaround delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional and short run of books and booklets.

Use this software to create dynamic barcodes to automate press imposition and finishing processes and eliminate manual make-ready.

With the AUTOMATIC LAYOUT SELECTOR, Ultimate Impostrip® provides an agent choosing the best set up for your job, managing many impositions with a single point of entry.

Ultimate services available

Ultimate TechnoGraphics solutions are designed to maximize C.P. Bourg devices flexibility and feature set.

You may also get custom functionalities for your specific needs, technical services and personalized training.

Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable

Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable is designed to resolve the growing bottleneck in imposition due to increasing job sizes and number of short runs that must be printed in a very quick turnaround time. It provides the prepress processing speed and scalability needed to print high volume of books and booklets.

Compatible with any finishing equipment and can be integrated with any PDF workflow
Connectability for the barcode imposition software
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