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23 Nov 2015

Paris Airports - Booklets finishing time slashed by half Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

Paris airports have one of the biggest integrated printing centers in France producing about two million prints per month. This printing center produces all publishing distributed within Paris Airports.

The challenges to be met

The issues to be solved at Paris Airports:

  • Work off-line to converge printing from four digital presses.
  • Mobilise less staff members and enable operators to be more versatile. Some operators were not trained enough to use the former system from a competitor’s brand. The former machine was difficult to use.
  • Offer new format choice. The current solutions are expensive in terms of both material and production time.
A tender is launched. At the end, in March 2015, the printing center of Paris Airports Group invests in a Bourg Booklet Making solution: BSF + BCM-e + BM-e + SQE.

«We are more reactive and at a lower cost»

M. Bernard Besson, technical manager of digital printing service, explains: «During the tender, we tested different solutions from competitor’s brands. The Bourg Booklet Making was the most adapted to our needs: the most productive solution, the fastest and the most intuitive which enables the operator to be more versatile».

 The advantages of the selected booklet making solutions:

  • Direct insertion of digital press stacker carts into the BSF. It enables several presses to work with a single booklet making solution. «We have a production capacity which suits to our digital presses», mentions Bernard.
  • Visibility on the production & more efficient planning.
  • Simplification of the production. A simple training given to the operators was enough. Bernard specifies: «This system is more intuitive and easier to use. Everything is programmed via the touchscreen. It is a solution which pleased printing agents. They became versatile on printing and finishing systems».
  • This solution uses less operator time: «It frees them up time to concentrate on other tasks».
  • An improved finishing quality offered to group internal customers: «Before, with thicker books, we had to use hotmelt perfect binding or spiral binding. It was more expensive and took more time. Now, we offer precise and good quality stitched square back books».
  • Smaller formats produced quickly: «We reduced by half the time taken for finishing which initially took three days. Delivery time has considerably been reduced. In addition, this Bourg booklet making system enables production of smaller formats, variable data and thicker books».

Bernard Besson concludes: «C.P. Bourg France team is extremely reactive and professional. We have a real partnership with them. They trained our operators. They do preventive maintenance in anticipation of important workloads. We are very pleased with the Bourg equipment and also with their team».

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