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Bourg Box (BB) In-Line / Off-Line / Near-Line / Dual-Mode

Bourg Box (BB)

The Bourg Box acts as a protocol converter that allows C.P. Bourg products to communicate with virtually any type of digital printer and finishing equipment through electronic job tickets. These job tickets – initially generated automatically by a customer's electronic order for print services – can be written in Job Definition Format (JDF) and Job Messaging Format (JMF), the industry-standard file formats for information exchange in the graphic arts.

This communication between digital printers and finishers allows you to synchronize production instructions, prevents production of "impossible jobs" and handles automatic document size changeovers to accommodate, with peak efficiency, any type of job in the production system. As a result, no manual setup or operator intervention is required, just a touchless Web-to-Finish workflow.

The Bourg Box enables communication with any digital printer and finishing equipment

Used In-Line with a printer and/or with C.P. Bourg finishing equipments, the Bourg Box enables fully automated finishing during job production using information supplied from dedicated pre-press software. Instructions for incoming jobs – for example generated by a customer’s electronic order – are converted in the pre-press software into an electronic JDF job ticket including finisher setup parameters. When Print Manager is submitting job to the printer, it sends the corresponding JDF job ticker to the printer and the Bourg Box. The Bourg Box translates those setup instructions for the Bourg finishing modules BCM-e, BDF-e and BM-e.

Job setup includes automatic adjustment for all mechanical functions to accommodate the specified sheet size, bleed trim, crease dimensions, number of sheets, stitch position, as well as fold and trim dimensions without operator involvement.
When the job is close to completion, the Bourg Box notifies the printer to send instructions for the next print job.

The same functionality is available when using remote finishing, with the Bourg BSF feeding JDF controlled finishers such as the BCM-e, the BDF-e and the BM-e.

The achievements are:

  1. Maximize throughput and time between jobs
  2. Minimize potential for human errors and waste
  3. Optimize turnaround time
Dimensions Dimensions
Dimensions (L x W x H) 49,5 x 40 x 16 cm
(19.48 x 15.74 x 6.29 in)
Weight 7 kg (15.43 lbs)
Power supply 100-240 VAC 2A 50/60 Hz
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