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The Bourg Book Loader is an accessory upgrade for the BB3002 perfect binder. It allows the operator to load up to 120 book blocks in less than six minutes, load corresponding covers into the cover feeder, and set job parameters.

The system can be left unattended for up to 25 minutes of non-stop production at maximum mechanical speed while the operator focuses on other tasks. 

BB3002 users have the most to gain: more operator flexibility, increased production speed resulting in a quick return on investment.

Four reasons to upgrade your BB3002 with a BBL

  1. Pre-loading trays allow the binder to run autonomously and provides the operator 8-25 minutes of free time to perform other tasks
  2. Binder works at constant maximum speed of up to 650 cycles/hour
  3. 120 pallets/separators adjustable to accommodate books of varying thickness
  4. Fast loading of a wide range of book thickness from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 – 2.36 in)
Media / Sheet sizes Media sizes
Features Advantages Benefits
Loading tray
  • In just a few minutes, the operator can load up to 120 book blocks into the machine
  • The operator has 8 to 25 minutes of free time to perform other tasks while the machine runs autonomously
Continuous book block feeding
  • Clamp feeds book blocks into the binder
  • Run binder at full speed continuously
120 Pallets allowing variable thickness feeding
  • Easy to adjust pallets
  • Easy and fast loading of variable thickness blocks
Automatic variable thickness feeding
  • Pallets of the BBL can be adjusted in order to load books of varying thicknesses from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 - 2.36 in)
  • The machine binds variable thicknesses books without operator intervention
Upgrade from BB3002
  • Upgrade your BB3002 to a BB3102 with the Bourg Book Loader
  • Benefit from all the unique features of the BB3102 leading to increased productivity
Automatic barcode scanning
  • Each book block and cover will be scanned in order to guarantee book integrity
  • No setup required
  • Each job is checked in order to avoid reprints, also records each job for job tracking
  • No manual job setup
Dimensions Dimensions
Maximum speed in EVA mode 650 cycles/hour
400 books/hour
Maximum speed in PUR-C mode 650 cycles/hour
285 books/hour
Minimum cover size 100 x 201 mm (3.93 x 7.91 in)
Maximum cover size 385 x 750 mm (15.15 x 29.52 in)
Cover weight 80 to 300 gsm
Minimum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 195 x 127 mm (7.67 x 5.00 in)

Maximum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59 in)
Minimum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) * 195 x 127 mm (7.67 x 5.00 in)
Maximum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) * 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59 in)
Book thickness 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
Paper weight 60 to 160 gsm
* Padding mode is not available with PUR version due to cure time
Dimensions (L x W x H) 335 x 85 x 145 cm (131.89 x 31.49 x 57.08 in)
Weight 500 kg (1,101 lbs)
Power supply 120V ±10%, 60Hz, 3A
230V ±10%, 50Hz, 1.5A
Power consumption 300 W
Radiant heat 1025 BTU/hour
Spare Parts Kits

Spare Parts Kit for BBL

Spare Parts Kit for BBL

Upgrade Kits

Upgrade Kit to use BBL or BBC on BB3002

An existing BB3002 EVA in the field can be upgraded from the following Serial Nr. S/N613000666 TAG53 and from date of production of the 1st of July 2009.

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The C.P. Bourg BB3002 is of superb quality, therefore we chose to equip our second perfect binder BB3002 with a BBL Bourg Book Loader; a state-of-the-art invention by C.P. Bourg that not only meets our high quality demands, but also allows us to increase production by 40%.
To Universitas, this optimization of their production process is an investment through which they can continue to exceed customers’ expectations.

Tom Van Uffelen, owner

Universitas Digital Printing


We acquired a BBL for small quantities and especially to produce books with one or several flaps. Before, we had an operator that pasted, a second that received and closed the flaps and a third that loaded them into a three-knife trimmer. Today, with the BBL, only one operator fills the loading area of this machine. Whilst the BB3102 automatically binds the flapped books, the operator can perform other operations. The operator needs no certification regarding this machine and has free time at any given moment. Therefore, today, one operator replaces three. We gain time and volumes in labour costs thanks to the automation given by the BBL. The BBL fully meets our expectations. We highly recommend it!

Pierre Perroy, General Manager



The BBL with the binder is extremely easy to use. It is easy to set up and above all the adjustments do not alter, an essential quality for automation. »

The BBL is an investment which is largely profitable thanks to its automation. In addition, if the operator takes a coffee/cigarette break, the 4 clamp perfect binder is stopped for 5 to 10 minutes. With the BBL connected to the single-clamp BB3002, we work continuously. Overall in daily volume, we are winner.

Adama, Operator



I just purchased the BB3002 and the BBL. As I mainly produce on-demand books mainly for the publishing industry and universities, these two machines will enable me to have a productivity gain. In the print-finishing market, there are no better products!

Geoffroy Walters, CEO



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