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Event highlights

Event highlights

After the success of last year’s event of the Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) 2-UP launch, it is with great pleasure we announce the launch of the much-desired 4-UP BPM.

What is great about the BPM 4-UP ?


  • Eliminates or reduces many time consuming processes, e.g., preparing media in multiple sizes, manual setting up machines & trimming finished jobs
  • The fully automated process maximizes productivity, frees operators for other tasks, and minimizes the risk of human error



  • The operator simply loads a single-sized media into the printer/press and completes the process by unloading the finished books or booklets. Everything else is done automatically
  • Jobs are automatically converted from very large formats of up to 600 x 370 mm (23.6 x 14.6 in), to very small formats down to 139 x 120 mm (5.5 x 4.7 in) in a single pass
  • Multiple media types for covers, inside pages and inserts, can be processed together
  • The processed sheets can be fed directly from the BPM into a downstream C.P. Bourg BB3202 Perfect Binder or BM-e Booklet Maker



  • Cut paper on all four edges
  • Trim symmetrically & asymmetrically (from 4 to 100 mm / from 0.16 to 3.94 in) of coated or uncoated sheets. This way you can produce all creative formats



  • Grows with your business: start with one to do 1-up & 2-up and later, invest in a second BPM to do 4-up jobs
  • Paper flow: right-to-left & left-to-right. Can be changed even after installation

Configuration 1


Book of one In-Line fully automated POD Perfect Binding solution with the BPM 4-UP

Canon VarioPrint 6330 Titan + Stacker 1 + Stacker 2 + BWO + BSF + BPM (crease & fold) + BPM (bleed & cut) + BB3202 EVA + CMT-330TC

Key benefits of this solution with Canon:

  • 4-up production: reduces click charges & reduces waste production
  • Working In-Line or Off-line, this solution combines the best of both worlds thanks to the BSF and is displayed with the Canon VP6330 Titan Cut-Sheet Black and White printer
  • Key benefits of the Canon VP 6330 Titan: productivity, stability, high-quality black and white printing
  • End-to-end to solution/print to finish: just load white paper and collect the finished books ready for distribution
  • Save time thanks to the BWO: no need to go all the way around the printer/press to access the binder

Configuration 2


In-Line/Off-Line BPM Promotional Solution with the BPM 4-UP

Canon ImagePRESS C850, Off-Line BSF + BPM (bleed & crease & fold) + BPM  (bleed & crease & fold) + Conveyor

Key benefits of this solution with Canon:

  • 4-up production: reduces click charges & reduces waste production
  • Saves money, time, and space: the benefits of the BPM are recognized through the entire production workflow, resulting in an end-product that is more cost-effective to manufacture. Automation reduces the manual workload, while maximizing productivity, minimizing imaging charges and enabling shorter turnaround times
  • Key benefits of the Canon ImagePRESS C10000: exceptional digital color printing quality, productivity and versality
  • Canon imagePRESS C850 printing book covers, laminated offline by Komfi, and then processed into a high quality book on configuration 1
  • Canon imagePRESS C850 printing color content for BPM promotional Solution for cross-fold, Z-fold, C-fold and Single-flyer applications.

Configuration 3


Off-Line lamination solution with foiling

D&K Neptune with foiling

Key benefits of this solution of D&K Europe:

  • Compact, easy to use and fully automatic laminator for sheets up to B3 size
  • Equally adept at running Litho or Digital output
  • Foling : several colors are available as well as a transparent film allowing to give the illusion of a selective varnish

Configuration 4

Komfi Amiga 52

Off-Line/In-Line Lamination solution

Komfi laminator Amiga 52

Key benefits of this solution of Komfi:

  • Effortless & professional quality lamination for variety of small digitally printed job
  • Designed for unattended operation (In-Line use)
  • Large number of configuration possibilities

Configuration 5


Off-Line/In-Line On-Demand Booklet Making solution with the BPM 2-UP

Xerox iGen 4 + BSF + BPM (bleed & crease & fold) + Conveyor

Key benefits of this solution with Xerox:

  • Dual-Mode left-to-right configuration
  • Quality: dynamic creasing of sheets with very high precision
  • Key benefits of the Xerox iGen4: full-colors, productivity and output volume

Configuration 6


Off-Line Perfect Binding solution

Demo jobs produced on Xerox Iridesse + BB3102 PUR-C

Key benefits of this solution with Xerox:

  • No downtime: loading trays (120 adjustable pallets) allow the binder to run autonomously for up to 8-25 minutes of non-stop production while the operator focuses on other tasks
  • Gain time and volumes in labor costs thanks to the automation given by the BBL
  • Binder works at constant maximum speed of up to 650 cycles/hour
  • Fast loading of a wide range of book thickness from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 –2.36 in)
  • Key benefits of the Xerox Iridesse : add print embellishment in one pass using special inks: silver, gold, white and clear coat

Configuration 7

In-Line On-Demand Booklet Making Solution with the BPM 4-UP

HP Indigo 7000 + HP Bridge 5000/7000 Series + BSF + BPM (bleed & cut & fold) + BPM (bleed & crease) + BM-e

Key benefits of this solution with HP Indigo:

  • 4-up production: reduces click charges & reduces waste production
  • In-Line/Dual-Mode right-to-left configuration
  • Ideal for digital on-demand and web-to-print environments : operates “24/7” at the full-rated speed of your printers/presses with an extreme flexibility
  • Thanks to the BSF, this unique solution provides you with an optimized flexibility by enabling multiple printers to share one finishing solution
  • Key benefits of the HP Indigo 7000: a robust combination of productivity, ease-of-use and offset quality
  • As the book press is integrated in the folder, booklets are systematically flatter and more aesthetically-pleasing

Configuration 8


Book of one In-Line POD Perfect Binding solution with the BPM 4-UP

Ricoh Pro C9210 + BWO + BSF+ BPM (crease & fold) + BPM (bleed & cut) + BB3202EVA

Key benefits of this solution with Ricoh:

  • A complete solution for book production, delivering time and labor savings, and assured high-quality output
  • Save time thanks to the BWO: no need to go all the way around the printer/press to access the binder
  • Working In-Line or Off-line: send jobs from Off-Line press streams to their dedicated In-Line finishersto allow full asset utilization of your park of machines
  • Key benefits of the Ricoh Pro C9200 Color Sheet-Fed Printer: high reliability for long runs, generous paper capacity, expansive media support and ease of use

Unique experiences for end-customers:

  • Solutions showcases: Demostrations on In-Line and Off-Line POD Perfect Binding and Booklet-Making solutions with the BPM 4-UP, the BWO and partner products. You will operate the full web-to-finish perfect binding and booklet making solutions to see how easy it is to change between jobs, prepare the imposition, and see the end results. Partners products will be integrated to these demos to show you complete solutions that can be tailored to your needs. It is also going to be the opportunity for you to discover some novelties in the industry such as print embellishment done in one pass using special inks: silver, gold, white and clear coat.
  • Customer testimonials presentations: several customers will share their experiences with our product porfolio and explain how it has been a game changer for them
  • Networking activities with other customers, print partners and the C.P. Bourg team
  • Factory tours: enjoy these exclusive guided visits


Unique experiences for distributors and print partners:

  • Learning sales sessions about the BPM 4-UP: it's key benefits, how is responds to customer demands, etc.
  • Hands-on operational trainings: how to operate the BPM 4-UP to make the best demos to your customers, understand all new features of the modules and know all the technical specifications
  • Inspirational peer session: get insight on how to sell C .P. Bourg products with a different approach and close more deals
  • Networking activities with you peers, customers, print partners, and the C.P. Bourg team


You can’t miss this event!

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