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27 May 2008

New Booklet Maker BME Print E-mail Linked In Tweet Share

The C.P. Bourg announces the launch of the new BME bookletmaker which can be connected to the C.P. Bourg BSTd+ and BSTe tower collators and later as well to large format digital printers.

New Booklet Maker BME

The new BME is ground up new device and has many unique features:

  • Total NC control (no knobs to turn or levers to move like others have)
  • Totally visible paper path which is important to many printers
  • Possibility to control the accessory from a remote source like collator or printer, (all others have to have 2 separate control panels)
  • Capability to handle the largest range of formats for any collator or on line accessory
  • Input size up to 370 x 600 mm ( will take iGen3 production )
  • Capable of handling landscape A4 brochures , as none other can
  • New soft handling paper path especially designed for digital prints that can be marked or scratched very easily
  • Rock solid frame
  • New generation book crusher that makes the booklets very flat (no need to have a further accessory to achieve this function)
  • No need to have space hogging lift conveyors. The accessory infeed is at the right height for the digital printer or collator (This feature is not provided on BSTd+ configuration)
  • Delivered as a standard with book marrying station (This feature is not provided on BSTd+ configuration)
  • Delivered as a standard with book kicker on the output
  • Output stop roller (conveyor) automatically controlled based on book size
  • Reject tray to gather the unusable booklet after miss or double feed from collator
  • Trimmer unit is single face but with upper and lower knifes equipped with two sharpened edges, to provide double life time

The new BME accessory is the right choice for the print finisher and digital printer manufacturer !

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